Britney Spears Needs a Mirror

* Images removed per request of alleged copyright holder.

Here are more pictures of Britney Spears in Mexico. This time you don’t have all those pesky shadows masking the true beauty of her ass. Yummy. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my face has a date with a toilet bowl.

Update: Angry Britney Spears fans are emailing us insisting we Photoshopped the above photos. The only thing we did to these is size them down from their original sizes (you’re welcome). The pictures below are both dated before she had kids, so she’s always had hail damage and bad hair extensions. Oh, and you’re welcome for more sexy Britney pictures.

Update II: The edges are jagged and her dress is flying up because she’s running and a digital camera snapped the shots. Please no more emails, Britney fans. You’re starting to creep me out a little.


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