Britney Spears Has Gorgeous Hair

Britney Spears accidentally did something smart when she shaved that disaster she called her hair, but of course as soon it got long enough for her dumb ass to bleach it and put extensions in it, you knew she would. Britney Spears could have the world’s greatest stylists at her beck and call but this is what she chooses to look like. This. Yeah, too bad they don’t pass out “hairapy” and common sense at the drive thru window. If they did, Britney would be Rapunzel.

Does anyone know what these pink pills are in the bag under Britney’s thigh? Click for larger image:

Update: Reader, TJ, emailed and thinks they might be Wellbutrin SR (an antidepressant).

Update II: Many others are emailing saying they think it’s Correctol (a laxative).

Update III: Reader, Jason, suggests they might also be Amitriptyline Hydrochloride (antidepressant), Clozepam (anti-panic) or Levothyroxine Sodium (metabolism increaser).

Update IV: Okay, Jenny here. I couldn’t resist. I stopped by CVS today and talked to the pharmacist. He said it’s not conclusively the name brand Correctol laxative, so I bought a pack, took a picture and did a side-by-side comparison with Britney’s pills. From the look and feel of the boxes, no matter what size pack of Correctol you buy, it’s still only 4 pills long in the foil packs, and Britney’s pills are 5 pills long (two out of the row showing are missing). Click thumbnail for larger photo:

Update V: Jenny again. Apparently I was too optimistic the first time around, so I went back to CVS. The 30 and 90 count packs of Correctol are 5 pills long. I’m now the proud owner of 130 comfort-coated laxative tablets and the CVS employees are convinced I’m a laxative junkie. Thanks, Brit! No wonder she’s constantly caught in a hurry to use gas station toilets.


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