Jennifer Lopez Might Die

Jennifer Lopez, who has long been a target of animal rights activists for her love of fur and using it frequently in her clothing line, has been receiving death threats for the last month from an extremist who has vowed to “to kill her in public, just like the slaughtered animals whose fur she wears.” Lopez, being the narcissistic queen bitch that she is, believes she is untouchable and has dismissed the notes, but sources say that her husband, Marc Anthony, has refused to stand by and do nothing. The New York Daily News reports:

He has hired two off-duty police officers, in addition to her usual security team, to watch over Lopez whenever she makes public appearances,” says the pal. Lopez’s spokeswoman shot the story down as “untrue.” She said: “[Lopez] has had the same security team she has always had.” But a rep for PETA (who we trust is not sending the threats) said yesterday: “All violence is wrong. But J.Lo needs to stop the real violence she promotes and subsidizes rather than give herself extra protection she doesn’t need.”

Jennifer Lopez is pretty much a has been, so if she died nobody would really care. Whoever this guy writing the letters is, he better check his calendar, because it’s going to take a while to skin her fat ass. I assume Jennifer Lopez doesn’t have a fan club, but if she does, I hope this guy is the head of it. That seemed to work out well for Selena.

Lopez at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala on May 7th:


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