Britney Spears is in Concert

In her first public concert in three years, Britney Spears performed a 15-minute set at the San Diego House of Blues last night. Opening with Baby One More Time, Britney, dressed in a pink bra, a short skirt, boots (gasp!) and a brown wig, performed four more songs from her earlier albums. Guess, what? It sucked.

The comeback didn’t hit a high note for everyone, some of whom paid upward of $125 a ticket. “It looked like she lip-synched her way through the whole thing,” said a disappointed Morgan Segall, 20, who flew in from San Francisco for the night.”

Well, of course it was gonna suck. It’s Britney. I’d rather pay $125 to see the band at Chuck E. Cheese than watch this idiot adjust her wig and lip sync for 15 minutes. If you know anybody who actually went there thinking this was going to be Britney’s triumphant return, be careful. The trick? Aim for the top of the head. No bruises.



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