Weather Girl Sol Perez Insures Famous Butt For $100K

Photo: Instagram/Sol Perez

After Yanet Garcia, Sol Perez is probably the most well known weather gal that everyone knows about. And that’s mainly because the 24-year-old from Argentina is all about her bum. And we’re about it, too. But how much is Perez all about her bum? Enough to insure it for 2 million Argentine pesos, which is about $100,000.

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Perez, who presents the daily weather on the  TyC Sports channel, was able to find a company to insure her most prized possession. So that’s good news for her (and for all of us, too). And now her bum is protected from “all risks,” and she will get quite the payout if anything is to happen to her butt. But what exactly can happen? I can’t think of many freak accidents that involve a ruined butt — and I’ve seen plenty of Final Destination films.

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Perez recently admitted that she gained 22 pounds of body weight due to her crazy workout regime, a regime that clearly focuses on her butt.

“I like the culture around fitness and the atmosphere of a gym,” Perez tells Mirror“It is trendy to post workout pictures at the moment but I only share what I want others to see.”

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Do you love any part of your body enough to insure it? Anything? How about your fingers since we drag them across our phone screen everyday? Just an idea.

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