Train Conductor Fired After Posting Hot Photos On Social Media

Photo: Instagram/Stephanie Katelnikoff

I’ll be honest, we don’t talk about train conductors a lot, but I think this one is worth it. Why is that? It’s because train conductor Stephanie Katelnikoff is quite a hottie. Well, former train conductor that is.

Katelnikoff, who is also a model, was recently fired from her job in Canada by CP Rail for violating their company code of ethics. What did she do? She simply posted hot photos on her social media — hot photos that involve her posing on some railroad tracks.

But guess what? This isn’t the first time Katelnikoff has been fired from her train conductor job.


The evidence package, obtained by CBC News, includes photos posted by Katelnikoff on her personal Facebook and Instagram accounts, showing her in various revealing, nude and sexually suggestive poses. Some of the photos show Katelnikoff standing on railway tracks.

In some posts, she talks about her pride in her job on a train crew, while in others she is critical of the company and its management. She doesn’t use her real name, but does say she works for CP Rail.

Katelnikoff was initially fired after the Banff derailment, which saw 15 cars carrying grains and fly ash, a material used to make concrete, go off the track west of the tourist town. She was reinstated nearly two years ago after an arbitrator ruled in her favor and found one of the reasons Katelnikoff was dismissed was because she had filed a sexual harassment complaint against a fellow employee.

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So she was rehired after it was discovered she was originally fired for filing a sexual harassment complaint? And then fired again for sexy photos? Well that’s just a load of bull. I have to side with the train conductor here. Hell, I wouldn’t hate the NYC subways if Katelnikoff was in charge of getting me to my destination.

Katelnikoff now says she is now waiting for a date to be set for arbitration, and she still hopes to be back in a train soon. And I’m sure she will be.

Just take a look at some of her photos below thanks to her Instagram.

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