Check Out Kate Upton Playing Tennis In All Its Jiggly, Slo-Mo Glory

Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic (Getty).

If LOVE Magazine doesn’t cut it out with these Advent Calendar posts soon, our eyes are going to bug out of our heads permanently.

We’re already presented to you what models like Jasmine Sanders and Alexis Ren can do with their time in the spotlight. Now it appears Kate Upton wants a turn. We don’t know a damn thing about tennis, either, so let’s check out her moves and see what this sport is all about. Surely this is some form of tutorial video, right?

Kate Upton Playing Tennis For #LOVEADVENT2017

Oh, OK, so it wasn’t informational whatsoever. Well, besides that little tidbit about Kate loving shoots where she doesn’t have to take herself too seriously right at the end. That provided some much needed exposition.

Boy, all that tennis watching made us tired. Next time, we’ll just go with the abridged version on Kate’s Instagram page.

Actually, you know what, we’d better check it just to make sure it’s working properly and still gets the point across.

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Yep, shipshape, just as we thought.

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