Kim Basinger’s Beautiful Daughter Ireland

Photo: Noel Vasquez (Getty Images)

Back in the ’90s, Kim Basinger was one of the greatest sex symbols in Hollywood. She had that seductive, classical beauty reminiscent of the American jazz era and early films of the 1920s. In 1993, she married Alec Baldwin and together they had a child named Ireland Baldwin. She mainly came to public’s eye thanks to the unfortunate incident she had with her short-fused celebrity father Alec. Way back in 2007, he sent her an angry voicemail where called her a “rude, thoughtless, little pig.” Ireland is now a somewhat curvaceous model as beautiful as her mother. If you don’t believe us, here are some of her photos from the Instagram.

Kim Basinger Look


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It is obvious that Ireland has inherited some of her mother’s qualities including that famous Kim Basinger over-the-shoulder look that mesmerized millions. Like every good model, Ireland also knows what her best profile is, but casually gives us a glimpse of the other one in the reflection. Even the dress she’s wearing is reminiscent of her mother’s style from some of the most memorable movies of the ’90s like L.A. Confidential.

Curvaceous Beauty


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One of the greatest things about Ireland is that, like her mother, she’s not one of those skinny, unhealthy-looking fashion models that are popular today. Ireland actually promotes that oldfashioned, healthy sexy look that no man can resist. Although it doesn’t seem fair to compare them, we have to say that Kim Basinger wasn’t really this hypnotizing when it came to her bosom. Ireland managed to top her there.

Baldwin Talent


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Besides Kim Basinger, Ireland also has another great artistic role model in her life – her dad Alec Baldwin. OK, maybe he is not the best role model when it comes to dealing with the press and the paparazzi, but he does come from a long generation of actors. In this short video, you can see her attempt and ultimately fail to play the piano, but it doesn’t stop her from expressing her emotions quite vividly. Just look at those angry strokes near the end of the video.

Perplexed Art Fan


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Of course, being a part of a family of artists, Ireland can’t stop herself from admiring all types of art, even this amazingly unfinished piece. You can see her staring at the canvas, continuously asking herself – why did I buy this? Maybe it’s something meta and the person looking at this unfinished piece is actually a part of the piece himself? Of course, this doesn’t make sense, but it does if you’re an artist.

Paparazzi Problems


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Unlike her dad who simply can’t stand the paparazzi, Ireland is quite alright with them. Considering how she has nothing to hide – it makes sense. There she was on a beach, casually changing her clothes and letting her body breathe, when this vicious, stalking paparazzi guy took the picture. Either way, we’re glad he did because we got to know Ireland in a somewhat more intimate way. Kim Basinger also loved taking pictures, so it must be her heritage.

Instagram Nudity


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We’ll end this little list with a photo that somehow managed to escape Instagram censorship. We can’t tell whether she’s at work or enjoying herself because, to Ireland Baldwin, that’s pretty much the same. Even from this distance, you can see her wide smile as she emerges from the crystal-clear ocean. You can’t take a beautiful picture without a beautiful girl.

Do you remember Kim Besinger when she was young? Does Ireland look like her?