Amazin Amie’s Instagram Highlights

Photo: Rodrigo Varela / Stringer (Getty Images)

There are millions of models on Instagram nowadays, so it’s understandably difficult to find the most interesting ones to follow. However, there is one model you should not skip on your search for the ultimate Instagram experience and that is Amazin Amie. She is one of the hottest models out there and was featured on the covers of such distinguished magazines like SHOW and Straight Stunnin. Besides that, you may have seen in her in the video for a song Heaven by John Legend. She is that incredible-looking blonde you really can’t miss. So, before you start stalking her profile, take a look at our selection of some of her finest photos. It will be a good starting point for you.

Vegas Girl

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We’ll start things off with a puzzle. One of Amazin Amie’s photos actually holds a clue to the question – what is her favorite town? In order to help you out, we’ve actually attached the photo, all you need to do is find the solution. It might take you a while to move past her surreal bottom and lift your eyes to spot the Vegas sign on her back. Most people can’t even do it, so don’t feel too bad if you were unable to solve this conundrum.

Super Clothes

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We’ll continue with questions as it’s, no doubt, the best way to present this amazing model. The next question is – what material are these clothes made of that can withstand Amazin Amie’s curvacious nature? Considering how it’s a trick question, the answer is quite simple – no material is capable of holding back Amie’s attributes. As you can see from the photo, every fabric falls apart at the seams when she puts it on. It’s just the clothes’ way of saying – why don’t you just go nude?

A Viral Optical Illusion


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Back in the days, there was one optical illusion that simply broke the internet. Users all over the world tried to figure out whether a certain dress was black-gold or white-blue. Obviously, this was something that Amazin Amie decided to tackle as well. As you can see from the photo, she put on a dress and asked her followers to guess which color is it. Little did she know that people simply didn’t care about the color. Everyone was just looking at the curves.

Horizontal Lines


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They say that horizontal lines make you look slimmer, but we don’t know if it actually works for Amazin Amie. As you can see, she tried to pull off that look but failed to realize that horizontal lines aren’t actually horizontal on her. Instead, they’re as squiggly as her body and have no effect. Actually, scratch that, they have an amazing effect that any guy can appreciate.

If It Fits, I Sits


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One of the greatest advantages of having such a colossal behind is that you can sit pretty much anywhere and it will feel like you’re on the fluffiest cushion in the world. Amazin Amie demonstrates this in the photo where she comfortably sits on a table without even noticing. She is such a humble star and really doesn’t need much.

Dry Swimming


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We’ve already talked about how humble Amazin Amie is, but this seems like an overkill. Swimming is certainly among her favorite activities but it appears that she doesn’t even need a pool to do it. All she has to do is put on her swimming suit and that’s it. Who needs water when you’ve got a body like this? Most of her fans tend to agree.

What do you think about Amazin Amie? Are you going to become one of her fervent followers?