Chloe Grace Moretz: Life and Career

Photo: Ungano & Agriodimas (Getty Images)

You probably know the incredibly talented 20-year-old Chloe Grace Moretz from her amazing role in Matthew Vaughn’s cult movie Kick-Ass. Spielberg’s atmospheric Hugo, or The Equalizer where she starred next to almighty Denzel Washington. Either way, Chloe is slowly becoming one of the most popular young actresses in Hollywood so it might be time to get acquainted with her a little better. Here are some facts about her you didn’t really know or couldn’t be bothered to look up. Thankfully, you have us. It’s time you learned about her family, career, and even some unpleasantries she encountered over the years. Let’s begin.

Chloe Grace’s Ancestry

One of the first things people are curious about when it comes to Chloe Grace is her name and origin. According to various sources, she has German and English roots, as well as Scottish, Welsh, and Swiss. It is said that the name is a German version of the name Morris and is often connected to Moses, by the Jewish people. Needless to say, Grace is her middle name she decided to include to make herself more memorable in the film industry.

Her Family

Chloe was raised in a big family with four older brothers. This is why she isn’t a stranger to physical challenges and appears as something of a tomboy in a lot of films. Her older brother, Trevor Duke-Moritz was the one who first got into acting. Together with him and their mother, Chloe Grace moved to New York and soon began her acting career. She used to help Trevor with his lines, which is probably what drew her to acting. Chloe’s mother is a nurse, while her father is a plastic surgeon.

Personal Life

When it comes to her friends, Chloe Grace really likes to keep them hidden from the public eye as much as possible. She never invites them to premieres or includes them in Hollywood events. According to her, it’s important to keep those two spheres separate. She wants to hang out with them outside of Hollywood and live a rather normal life unlike what other stars do. For now, it’s going quite well for her.


Chloe Grace’s first role was in the CBS show The Guardian in 2004. She was only seven at the time but still showed quite a lot of talent. Her first movie role came a year later in 2005 drama Heart of the Beholder, where she portrayed Molly. That same year, she starred in The Amityville Horror and won her first award nomination. However, there’s no doubt that Kick-Ass was her breakthrough role that made Chloe an international star and brought her all other roles.


Of course, her beauty didn’t go unnoticed. Along with her movie career, Chloe also started her modeling career, appearing in a number of world-famous magazines like the Vogue, Jalouse, Elle, Crash Magazine, InStyle, and others. The Elle magazine also gave her a Next Future Icon Award, while the fashion company Max Mara said she was Face of the Future. The clothing company Aeropostale made her the face of their American Youth clothing line.


In light of the recent Weinstein controversy, Chloe Grace Moretz also remembered some unfortunate experiences she had with her colleagues over the years. Back when she was just 15 years old, one of her co-stars whom she didn’t name, actually body-shamed her during film production. He told her that he would never date her because she was overweight in his opinion. On another occasion, a different co-star tried to put her down by making up things about her. He had some sort of inferiority complex and took it out on her for some reason.


Chloe Grace Moretz is also an avid feminist fighting for the rights of women, especially in the film industry. She is aware of the fact that women get lower salaries for doing the same work in Hollywood. She fights prejudice whenever she sees it. One time she protested movie production when the producers told her she couldn’t get a job because there was already one blonde in it. She also tends to reject movies that over-sexualize women and observes them as objects. Overall, quite a serious actress at such an early age.

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