Andrea Tantaros: An Instagram Life

Photo: Joe Kohen / Stringer (Getty Images)

You’ve probably seen Andrea Tantaros in various political shows offering her opinions as a conservative political analyst or hosting the shows Outnumbered and The Five on the Fox News Channel. In recent years, though, she mostly became famous for suing the Fox News on the basis of sexual harassment in 2016. About a year before that, she approached the TV executives to complain about Roger Ailes’ sexual advances but they did nothing. Anyways, let’s forget about this unfortunate tale for a while and take a look at her life according to her Instagram profile. Is she all politics offscreen, too?

Pilates with a Partner


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There is no doubt that Andrea Tantaros is a woman who cares a lot about her looks. It is not just a matter of genetics, you really have to put some effort in it. Fortunately for Andrea, she has a secret formula that never fails. She always does all her pilates exercises with her tiny dog who also happens to be her personal trainer. You can see the seriousness and determination in the little dog’s eyes. Who wouldn’t want such a trainer?

Andrea Tantaros and Idioms


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Out of context, this picture simply doesn’t make sense. What is happening here? Why is she in such a position and who, in God’s name, took this photo anyway? Well, before analyzing this photo, you need to be aware of one fact about Andrea. She is not that good with idioms. So, when someone once told her to shoot for the Moon, she understood it literally. Here is just one of her countless attempts to kick the Moon out of the sky. Needless to say, she failed.

City Invasion

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However, it’s not all fun and games in Andrea Tantaros’ life. If you follow the Marvel news, you know that the city she lives in, New York City, is constantly under attack by some weird-looking monsters. In this photo, Andrea found herself in the midst of this chaos just as a huge, inflated monster started to terrorize the city. You can actually see the terrified look on her face, but we can assure you that it’s haunting.

Desolate City


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That devastating attack on the city of New York left countless ruins and a burning sky. Thankfully, Andrea managed to get away unharmed and observe the beautiful chaos from a safe distance. Some believe that it was all photoshopped and that she just used different lenses to take this photo. We, however, choose to believe her story because it sounds much more entertaining.

A Good Diet


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You have to realize, though, that Andrea’s great figure doesn’t just come from daily pilates exercises and hours of running from NY destruction. A huge part of it is actually a good diet. You need to eat properly if you want to stay fit. How does Andrea Tantaros do it? Basically, she eats a unique combination of nachos with Doritos. It seems that she knows something we don’t.

Ready for the Apocalypse


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All sci-fi enthusiasts out there know that after every huge devastation comes a time of despair, crime, and looting. That is why Andrea Tantaros decided to take the matters into her own hands and protect what is hers with a good old rifle. It’s unlikely that anyone will try to rob her anytime soon.


What do you think about Andrea Tantaros’ NYC adventure? Does she look like a survivor?