Jennifer Lopez Sexy Instagram Photos

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Despite nearing 50 Jennifer Lopez is still one of the hottest celebrities on the planet without any doubt whatsover. The singer turned actress maintains that insane body of her even though she’s 48, and her face is virtually identical to the ones that we constantly saw on MTV in the ’90s.

It seems like Jennifer Lopez has been in the showbizz limeligth forever, and that’s because she was. She officially started her career in 1986, slowly risen up in the beggining of the ’90s and then exploded from 1997. She had nine studio albums, two compilation ones, and has been in around 40 movies! Jennifer Lopez really does it all.

Luckily for us, J Lo is also really active on Instagram and posts some very sexy photos of herself. We have the 10 of the sexiest recent Jennifer Lopez photos from Instagram ready for you.

Jennifer Lopez Sexiest Instagram Photos

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J Lo is known for her singing, acting, and for her booty. So what better photo to start us off than a shot of her bodacious behind.

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Jennifer Lopez is truly a complete beauty, yes, her butt is her main weapon of sexiness, but her legs are also amazing due to all the dancing she still keeps on doing in the fifth decade.

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I need to quit my job and find a gig as Jennifer’s gardener or a pool boy Admittedly, nothing will ever get done and I would probably get fired pretty quick, but it would be worth more than any paycheck.

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The 48-year-old really focused on her acting in recent years, she keeps getting main roles and people do go out to see ‘Jennifer Lopez’s new movie’, J Lo also ventured into television. The girl from the Bronx is the star of a Shades of Blue TV series, and this style is ‘borrowed’ from the character she is portraying.

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Even a woman with a net worth of more than $300 million dollars can’t resist a bathroom selfie. You get a belfie and a see-through for the price of one picture.


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