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You might be clueless about it but Stacey Lauretta Dash is 50 years old, yet she still looks like a cute but sexy bombshell we known for years. The American actress and talk show host is most well-known due to co-starring in the 1995 fan favorite movie Clueless, and in the TV show spin-off. Stacey Dash Instagram photos will show you just how far she has gone from that if you’re out of the loop with her very unpredictable life.

After being known as one of the Beverly Hills gals from the cult movie Clueless, real-life Stacey Dash went along a very unexpected road in the last few years. After getting some roles here and there, but none as influential and memorable as the one in 1995 Clueless, she was hired as a contributor for cultural analysis and commentary by Fox News. There she was a part of the show Outnumbered, a daytime news and talk show which featured a male guest discussing daily occurrences with four female hosts.

After supporting Barack Obama for his first term, the actress switched sides and became an active Republican, not shying away from spicy takes on various political matters. So you know that Stacey Dash Instagram photos differ from what the typical beauties have on their profiles.

Hot Stacey Dash Instagram Photos

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This is how a liberal person imagines someone who works at Fox news anyways, so it’s good that Stacey Dash’s Instagram photos didn’t disappoint them. Stacey was heavily criticised for her stance on gun control, as it differs from what the majority of her Hollywood colleagues support.

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But to step away from the politics and to just enjoy her undeniable beauty, here’s Stacey in a very elegant dress. Imagine seeing this at a late night cocktail party.

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You won’t find a more revealing photo on Stacey Dash’s Instagram, but you can’t really ask for more than this.

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The fact that Stacey remained relevant despite not replicating the success of Clueless has a lot to do with her ability to be cute and sexy at the same time. That never goes out of fashion.

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Stacey released a book There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative, which seems like it would be an interesting read as it is a pretty big switch indeed.

Hopefully, These Hot New Actress Won’t Be Known For Just a Role or Two.


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