Charlotte McKinney Is Clearly A Freaking Ten In A Bikini

Photo: Instagram/Charlotte McKinney

I’m not a massive fan of the beach as at the end of the day I end up with a terrible sunburn, sand everywhere and another reminder that I need to workout. But I would like the beach a lot more if I ran into Charlotte McKinney. But since that won’t be happening anytime soon I’m glad I have these photos.

The 23-year-old took her holiday weekend to head out to a beach in Los Angeles. And let’s all just say that the model knows she has a great bod because she had no problem showing it off while in a tiny bikini. And since you folks aren’t here for my amazing writing, let’s just check out the photos of McKinney at the beach.

Have at it:

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Oh, and you might as well check out these other ones, too:

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And one more:

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Yep. A complete ten.

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