For Some Reason This Brazilian TV Host Getting Her Butt Massaged Was A TV Segment

Photo: Twitter

OK, I’ll say it, Brazilian news programs are a hell of a lot better than anything we do here.

While we are all talking about how screwed up our country is, Brazil is busy entertaining their folks with crazy TV segments. I mean, you folks remember that TV host that got slapped for grabbing a Brazilian model’s butt? Now that’s good TV!

Well this time around it’s the opposite, as it seems like the woman below is having quite the time having her butt massaged by some lucky person. The cameraman even zooms in on the woman’s butt, all while she smiles. Now remember two things: she’s a TV host, and this is Brazilian TV. Pretty damn great.

Take a look at the clip below.

For Some Reason This Brazilian TV Host Getting Her Butt Massage Was A TV Segment

Now unfortunately the TV host’s name is not known, but something tells me her butt is going to be getting a lot more attention from now on.

And yes, I know what you all are thinking: thank God someone took the time to write this up because I really needed it in my life. You’re welcome.

h/t Maxim

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