The 12 Hottest Fitness Girls On Instagram, Vol. 2

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A post so nice, we made it twice.  We hope you enjoy girls who workout as much as we do. There is a fine line between being beautifully fit and being an unnatural Hulk of human flesh. This is true for both men and women. But let’s focus on women, shall we? Here are some of our favorite fitness girls on Instagram.

Christmas Abbott

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Her name is Christmas and she has tattoos. Plus, her story is pretty amazing. She used to work for a pit crew in NASCAR, then because a CrossFit celeb. She’s an author, as well.

Karena & Katrina Hodgson

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Two for one — a value at twice the price! They had a short-lived show on Bravo! Despite looking like stereotypical Cali girls, they are both from the Midwest.

Emily Skye

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Emily is from Australia, so you know she has one of those sweet accents. “Ya call that a squat? That’s not a squat… THIS is a squat.”

Sveta Bilyalova

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This Russian makes me glad the Cold War is over. There are a lot of imitations of her on Instagram, so be sure to click on the verified one. Weird that a Russian fitness celebrity would have a bunch of fake accounts, right?

Sarah Stage

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Sarah has over 2 million followers on Instagram. Check out her feed and you’ll know why. Not only is she beautiful, but she seems to have a pretty great life.

Felicia & Diana (Based Body Babes)

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Two very attractive and inspiring fitness girls from Australia. Australia just seems to know how to make hot women.

It certainly was a tough act to follow, but these ladies pulled it off: The 12 Hottest Fitness Girls On Instagram

Izabel Goulart

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Izabel has done ads for Nike and Victoria’s Secret! For sure worth a follow.

Jen Widerstrom

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Jen was the only reason I watched The Biggest Loser. She’s also a former American Gladiator. (Sidenote: I would murder someone for lower abs like hers.)

Jen Selter

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I guess if your name is “Jen,” you have to be in great shape. Her butt has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Carly Baker

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Carly is a personal trainer and UFC Octagon Girl. Her Instagram page is full of great stuff!

Anna Nystrom

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Jesus, I need to visit Sweden. This CrossFit girl has been building her brand and featured in many a fitness magazine.

Nina Agdal

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Fine, she’s more model than “fitness” model, but check out her Instagram page and you won’t care.