Britney Spears Working Out Is As Hot As It Is Hypnotizing

Photo: Christopher Polk (Getty)

I don’t care what anyone says, Britney Spears is still one hot Mississippi gal. And the 35-year-old has proven that time and time again. Spears proved it when she went topless while on vacation. And she proved it again recently when she went topless on Instagram. And she decided to prove it again with this hot workout video.

This video is honestly just a little preview of Spears’ workout routine, as in the clip she does standing knee raises in short-shorts. Now I’ve never done this exercise because my body is made out of string cheese, but Spears has obviously done it before because she is still rocking one hot bod. That’s right, a hot bod.

Check out the clip below thanks to Spears’ Instagram.

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Now check this out.

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And you might as well check out these photos.

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Spears is clearly a big fan of working out. I mean, how can anyone forget how her body looked in this video.

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Never forget.

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