This Is Not A Drill: Emily Ratajkowski Is Completely And Utterly Topless

Photo: Instagram/Emily Ratajkowski

You’d think I’d never seen a naked woman before with how excited I just got (and I have! Don’t listen to Eric from my high school. That guy is a dick), but not many women out there are like Emily Ratajkowski. In fact, there’s only one, and we may be a tad into her.

Because Emily is having the time of her life in Cancun, as you can tell by her nude adventures here, and she also enjoys showing off her butt in a thong. You know, important stuff. But this isn’t Emily doing a hand bra or just her butt in a thong, this is Emily completely topless.

Check out the censored version of Emily topless in Mexico, followed by the very NSFW link to her topless in Mexico.

This Is Not A Drill: Emily Ratajkowski Is Completely And Utterly Topless

And just as promised, we can’t have a bunch of bare boobs on our page (I know, it sucks), but here is the NSFW links to Emily topless. Make sure you’re alone.

Topless Emily (NSFW)

Well then, there you have it, Emily’s goods out and proud.

We might as well show you these recent pics:

A photo posted by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

A photo posted by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

And here’s Emily dancing topless:

A video posted by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

What a nice vacation.

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And here’s your favorite gif: Here’s A Gif Of Emily Ratajkowski Squeezing Her Boobs Together To End Your Monday On A Good Note