Chiropractic Adjustment Video Is Getting Loads Of Attention, And We Can’t Figure Out Why

Photo: YouTube

If anyone has ever been to a chiropractor in their life, they know that the methods used in the following video are pretty much par for the course as far as adjusting your wonky vertebrae. Perhaps the specific techniques used are a bit unusual, but for the most part, nothing is all that out of the ordinary as far as what is being performed as far as this former chiropractic patient can tell.

Oh, the lady in the black thong, you ask? What about her? She couldn’t possibly be the reason Italian Dr. Gabriele Benedetti’s video has generated nearly two million views and counting on YouTube. There has to be some other explanation.

Dr. Gabriele Benedetti Chiropractic Adjustment Video:

Yeah, there’s actually no other explanation. You’re literally looking at it.

chiropractic adjustment

Photo: YouTube

By the way, I was supposed to be saying “osteopathic adjustment” this whole time, not “chiropractic.” I just wanted to see who was actually paying attention.

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