So Kylie Jenner Is Still Posting Pictures Of Her Ass Even After Her Sister Got Robbed

According to Kylie Jenner, there’s never a wrong time to post a picture of your ass.

Even a few days after Kim Kardashian was reportedly tied up, gagged, locked in the bathroom and robbed of millions of dollars in jewelry, her half-sister Kylie is showing just how much she’s there for her. And how did she do that? By reminiscing about the time she went to Turkey and flaunted her ass.

Kylie once showed off her boobs in order to celebrate her own birthday, as well as she also showed off her nipples to promote her lipstick, but this time around? This time she is caring for her sister the only way she knows how. Take a look at what Kylie shared on her Instagram just a little bit after Kim went through the worst ordeal of her life:

That’s the Kylie we all know and are completely annoyed with (but still flock to her goods).

And just a week before that Kylie wanted to remind all you folks again how she went to Turkey while you were stuck at your awful job you hate so much:

Well, I guess that’s a nice reminder.

But here’s a reminder for you Kylie: your sister was attacked in a hotel room and robbed. But it seems that won’t stop Kylie from sharing her ass. Well, it doesn’t bother us.

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