Bar Refaeli’s New Commercial Is Too Hot For Israeli TV

Apparently, folks in Israel don’t enjoy seeing a hot girl prance around on the beach.

It seems that TV executives had a problem with Bar Refaeli and her new commercial for clothing firm Hoodies because it has been deemed “too raunchy” for their viewers. The 45-second ad shows the 30-year-old Israeli model dancing and smiling at nothing on the beach, taking a shower, smiling some more at nothing and changing her underwear behind a car door.

Gasp! Racy! Take a look at the video below:

The Second Broadcasting Authority for Television and Radio has ordered for some segments of the ad to be cut out of the commercial in order for it to be shown on Israeli television. And even with the edits the ad won’t be shown before 10 p.m. But we can watch it whenever the hell we want. #ThanksAmerica

I really don’t see the big deal.

Not at all.

h/t The Sun

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