The Hottest Brunettes To Follow On Snapchat

They say darkness is the absence of light, but maybe it’s the other way around when it comes to these hot girls on Snapchat. You got a taste for the Sexiest Girls To Follow On Snapchat when we served up The Hottest Blondes On Snapchat, so it only makes sense we give you the dark side of Snapchat with the hottest brunettes to follow, too (with their usernames and all). Now have a look at some of our favorite brunettes to follow before they’re all snapped and chatted out.

The Hottest Brunettes To Follow On Snapchat

Abigail Ratchford (@AbiRatchford)

Abigail recently took the best mirror selfies you’ll ever see.

Helen Owen (@helenowen)

Demi Rose Mawby (@demirosemawby)

Gemma Lee Farrell (@gemmaleefarrell)

Kylie Jenner (@kylizzlemynizzl)

Savvy Taylor (@savvytaylor)

Scarlet Bouvier (@scarletbouvs)

Shenae Gillespie (@shenaegillespie)

Veronique (@veronique)

Carly Bel (@realcarlybel)