Goon Bags, Dim Sims and Russell Coight Front Reimagined Aussie Coins This Australia Day


When forking out your hard-earned cash for a six pack this Australia/Invasion Day, looking down at Queen Elizabeth II’s profile shot  is probably the last thing you need to get you in the mood for the shenanigans that await.

Creative illustrator, art director and Aussie pop culture aficionado Aaron Tyler feels your pain, creating his own version of “Straya Shrapnel” by replacing mobs of kangaroos and royal heads with goon bags (hanging off a clothes line, of course), dimmies and all-round legends like Russell Coight, AC/DC, Adam Goodes and Muriel Heslop instead.

Unfortunately the dosh isn’t legit, rather a hopeful art project that reiterates the bank’s inability to strike relevance with modern-day Australia. It’s a follow-up project from Tyler’s “Straya Cash” which saw the artist reimagine Aussie notes with the likes of current icons including Lara Bingle, Karl Stefanovic and the flamin’ legendary Alf Stewart. 

Tyler explains that after the overwhelming response to the 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar notes, he wanted to create another set to commemorate Australia day while also shining light on Aussie greats who didn’t make the original cut. Even with his latest addition, Tyler was still unable to fit everyone and everything in.

“I was shattered I couldn’t fit Shannon Noll on these,” Tyler tells Crave. “I also wanted to put Sia on the notes, but I get the vibe that she doesn’t want any extra attention so I left her off. Germaine Greer is someone I personally find inspiring, but thought she might not see the humorous side.” 

Explaining that his previous choices, like Iggy Azalea and Corey Worthington, had divided fans, Tyler also reveals that he had to make a difficult decision between confectionary and booze. “The Goon bag trumped a Golden Gaytime for the 20 cents piece.”

We’re not complaining.