Norm MacDonald To Release “Memoir” Next Year

Quebec City native and comedian Norm MacDonald is putting out a memoir next fall, according to The Canadian Press, but the publishers say only most of it will be true.

While the book, entitled “Based on a True Story,” will include a lot of biographical material on the funnyman, it will also contain some fiction too. “The trick for the reader,” said HarperCollins (to CP), “will be deciphering which stories are real, and which are made up, by the infamous storyteller.”

MacDonald, who has had a colourful career in both film and television (The Drew Carey Show, NewsRadio, High Stakes Poker,  Sports Show with Norm Macdonald), is also the commercial face of another iconic television personality: Colonel Sanders, the man behind KFC.

MacDonald said, “I was born in Quebec City, English, where everyone was French. I was raised in rural Ontario, on a farm between Avonmore and Monkland. I ended up in New York City. But then what? I wrote this book to answer a question that has been troubling me for some time. Whatever happened to me?”

Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN