Comic-Con 2015: Christian Activists Meet the Antichrist


Photo by Kate Stanhope, THR

In a weirdly creative bit of advertising synergy, A&E has taken up shop next to the ubiquitous Christian activists that regularly and reliably protest outside of Comic-Con. The activists – usually holding yellow signs declaring that Jesus Saves – are well-known to Comic-Con regulars, and are, most agree, an odd sight when seen standing next to people dressed as Darth Vader and Iron Man. 

A&E, the network behind the upcoming TV series Damien – a show based on the 1976 film The Omen – have hired “protesters” of their own. Wearing black t-shirts, and handing out flier promoting the website, the Antichrist activists carry signs that claim that Damien is coming, and that The Beast will rise. It’s an organic piece of marketing savvy that will play best to those who regularly attend Comic-Con, and who are familiar with the Christian regulars. 

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As more and more TV shows try to gain footing at Comic-Con, the advertising has to become more and more striking to get attention. I think the people behind this particular campaign are quite brilliant. It’s effective and shocking, and very locally oriented. 

Witney Seibold is a contributor to the CraveOnline Film Channel, and co-host of The B-Movies Podcast. You can follow him on “Twitter” at @WitneySeibold, where he is slowly losing his mind.