Sotheby’s Black Art Exhibit With Drake


Rapper Drake has his sticky fingers in yet another project – the musician has created a playlist for the ongoing New York Sotheby’s exhibit I Like It Like This.

The NY Sotheby’s website describes the exhibit as well as Drake’s collaboration: “Music has been an essential component of expressing the black American experience dating back centuries, reaching a creative crescendo with the birth of Jazz in the 1920s, a period famously influential to contemporary artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat who used musical motifs throughout his oeuvre. Today, musicians rap about painters and commission artists to design their album covers; in the same vein artists look to music as inspiration for their paintings. Influences flow in both directions to create a fertile creative environment, producing some of the most resonant and profound artistic output in American history.

I Like It Like This, presented by S|2 in collaboration with Drake is a celebration of influential Contemporary black American artists… Drake has provided musical curation by selecting songs to accompany highlighted works in the exhibition. Listen to Drake’s song selections at Beats by Dre sound stations throughout the gallery and experience the dialogue surrounding the overlap of these identities and the ways in which they bolster, challenge and inspire one another.”

As one writer from Huffington Post explained: “As one of the first mainstream exhibitions to incorporate of-the-moment hip hop music, the show serves as a crossroad for how black art and black culture are connected.”

Photo: Drake