Diamondbacks Pitcher Takes Line Drive To Face (Photo)

I used to play baseball. I was pitcher. And yes, like many pitchers confess, our worst fear is getting a line drive hit straight back at us when we are most vulnerable…right after throwing a pitch. That happened to Archie Bradley of the Arizona Diamondbacks recently, and the outcome wasn’t pretty, although we’re sure it could have been worse. Imagine if the 115mph shot had hit him in the eye, neck, or temple instead:

Fortunately, he’s doing alright, despite being knocked silly by that hit and being disoriented briefly. The above pic was posted from a hospital bed; there is a chance he’ll be put on the disabled list for a couple weeks, but we’re not quite sure yet.

Hopefully the swelling goes down soon and the injury doesn’t take him out for too long so early in the season.

Thanks to NESN for the update on the Diamondbacks.

Photo: Twitter


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