The 12 Best Blu-rays (and 1 Digital Release) of April 2015

Owning movies is getting so complicated. It used to be we just reviewed the top format that was out, whether it was DVD or then Blu-ray. 

Blu-ray is still the ideal, but digital offers immediacy, portability and sometimes different options for quality. They’ve become a vital part of our movie archiving options, so we’re incorporating them more and more into CraveOnline’s home video coverage. This month we even reviewed the digital release of the Star Wars films, and digital also proved to be the best format for one of April’s best home video releases. Oscar contenders, classic catalog titles and new releases made April an embarrassment of riches so we had to expand to a Top 12, and really 13 for the digital release included up top. 


The 12 Best Blu-rays (and 1 Digital Release) of April 2015:

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