Architectural Firm Behind Wembley, Yankee Stadiums To Design New Home For Milwaukee Bucks

Populous (no, not the video game, calm down), the firm of Architects behind two of the most iconic stadiums in the world, Wembley and Yankee Stadiums, is going to be bringing us a fancy new sports complex for the Milwaukee Bucks, to the tune of 500 million…bucks. Hah.

There’s plans to include entertainment, retail, hotel, residential, office, and parking space around the new 17,000 seat arena that looks to become the highlight of downtown Milwaukee. The team would also want to include a practice facility on site, as they’re currently leasing some property from Archbishop Cousins Catholic Center in suburban St. Francis.

If the firm secures funding, they plan to open the complex for the 2017 season.

Thanks to NESN for this update from Milwaukee. Check out for more photos.