Dragons’ Den’s Bruce Croxon To Host Show On BNN

A new series on BNN, “The Disruptors,” will feature ex-Dragon Bruce Croxon (“Dragons’ Den”) co-hosting alongside BNN anchor and reporter Amber Kanwar. The series premieres on April 16th.

With a flood of innovative Canadian companies set to go public this year, the next vanguards of our economic growth are popping up everywhere – few of them will make it to the public markets or the “big exit” without a lot of luck and a lot of help, and that’s where “The Disruptors” come in. BNN’s all-new original series traces the most exciting international business news and trends from incubators and venture capitalists, to young entrepreneurs and CEOs of some of the most innovative companies in the world, offering expert analysis and advice to smaller Canadian companies looking to scale up fast.

Each week, Croxon and Kanwar analyze pitches from the hottest prospects, offering a frank assessment of whether they stand a chance of becoming the next Uber, Airbnb, or Facebook. Hard-nosed, scoop-loving business reporter Kanwar believes innovation has its place, but it better be profitable. Croxon mostly agrees, but the digital disciple also believes no profitable company is safe from the next disruption. “The Disruptors” will also welcome leading CEOs of Canadian and international companies who share their own success stories, along with their thoughts on the risks faced by start-ups fighting for traction.

“’The Disruptors’ offers a fast-paced review and in-depth analysis of how innovative businesses evolve and what it means for investors, consumers, and the economy,” said Grant Ellis, General Manager at BNN, in a press release. “We are delighted to offer a new program that explores the latest successes, trends, pitfalls, and lessons of the most innovative thinkers in the high tech space.”

“The Disruptors” will air on Thursdays at 8:30pm beginning April 16th on BNN.