WonderCon 2015: The Flash Panel Report

The Flash may be “The Fastest Man Alive,” but there were no Grant Gustin sightings at WonderCon 2015.

The star of The CW’s The Flash may have skipped this year’s con, but his co-stars Danielle Panabaker, Candice Patton and Carlos Valdes stepped up to fill the void alongside The Flash executive producer, Andrew Kreisberg.

TV Guide’s Damian Holbrook hosted the panel, which seemed to largely revolve around the characters portrayed by Panabaker, Patton and Valdes. Kreisberg noted that Valdes’ Cisco Ramon is an audience surrogate character who exists to remind the viewers that the show is supposed to be fun. Kreisberg shared that it was very fun writing Cisco’s scenes with Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance (aka Black Canary) and that Laurel may get a new “Canary Cry” device to bring back to Arrow.

Valdes shared the story of his reaction to Cisco temporarily getting killed and he said that he loved it. However, Valdes isn’t counting the days until his character becomes more like Vibe, his comic book counterpart. Instead, Valdes stated his preference to focus on the script currently in front of him.

As for Panabaker, she indicated that she was excited about Caitlin becoming Killer Frost and teased that it’s happening “sooner than you think.” She also acknowledged that Robbie Amell is coming back as Ronnie Raymond and they filmed a wedding scene together. But she warned that weddings don’t come off without a hitch.

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Patton’s Iris is the only main character that doesn’t know that Barry Allen is The Flash. When that topic came up, Patton indicated that she wants to see Iris discover the truth for herself rather than have someone else tell her. Kreisberg added that Iris will likely have a very angry reaction when she realizes that Barry; her boyfriend, Eddie and her father, Joe have been keeping this secret from her.

Kreisberg noted that the 20th episode of the season will include flashbacks that reveal how Iris and Eddie became a couple and how Barry was transferred to S.T.A.R. Labs. Those flashbacks will also feature Cisco and Caitlin when they didn’t have The Flash to help them rebuild their lives.

Regarding The Flash Season 2, Kreisberg indicated that Mirror Master and Dr. Alchemy will probably be villains next season. He added that Wally West will show up at some point, and even the Black Flash may be on the series down the line. Kreisberg also confirmed that Matt Letscher will appear again as Eobard Thawne, presumably in scenes that take place before Thwane stole Harrison Wells’ face and identity.

Intriguingly, Kreisberg dropped some hints about the untitled spinoff for The Flash and Arrow, which he promised would be off-the-rails insanity that would be like a crossover every week. He also said that episodes of The Flash and Arrow will set up the spinoff next season.