Marvel Reveals Lineup For All-New, All-Different Avengers

Earlier this week, Marvel teased the post-Secret Wars lineup of The Avengers in the new title, All-New, All Different Avengers. However, Marvel was thwarted from its customary slow reveal when the final cover was leaked last night.

Today, Marvel editors Axel Alonso and Tom Brevoort spoke to Wired and unveiled the complete lineup for All-New, All Different Avengers. Captain America aka Sam Wilson (formerly known as The Falcon), the female Thor, Iron Man (although it’s not clear if Tony Stark is the Iron Man in question), The Vision, Ms. Marvel (Kamela Khan), Nova (Sam Alexander) and Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales.

This lineup suggests that the Marvel Universe (616) will make it out of the Secret Wars event largely intact, with the recent status quo shakeups for Captain America and Thor still in place. The inclusion of Miles Morales seems to indicate that some (if not all) of the Ultimate Marvel characters will also have a home in the newly reformed universe.

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The creative team of All-New, All-Different Avengers will be writer Mark Waid and artist Mahmud Asrar. Brevoort gave a cheeky explanation to Wired about the new lineup.

“It’s an All-New, All-Different Avengers for an All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe,” exclaimed Brevoort. “So throw out your preconceptions about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as we change the game, rewrite the rules and destroy childhoods with an Avengers team that more closely reflects the world outside your window!”

Fans of the original Peter Parker Spider-Man shouldn’t panic. Marvel is many things, but they are not stupid. Rest assured that Peter Parker is likely to remain in the Marvel Universe as the headlining Spider-Man, especially since Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have previously indicated that he is the Spider-Man that they intend to use in the next cinematic reboot.

Marvel also revealed the full cover image from Uncanny Inhumans, featuring Queen Medusa, Triton, Inferno, Iso, Naja and Johnny Storm, the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four. This is sure to fan the flames of Marvel’s rumored battle with Fox over the Fantastic Four characters, especially if there is no Fantastic Four comic on the horizon.

Writer Charles Soule will be headlining Uncanny Inhumans alongside artist Steve McNiven. Both All-New, All-Different Avengers and Uncanny Inhumans will debut on May 2 as part of Marvel’s contribution to the Free Comic Book promotion.


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