Watch a Rap Battle Between Groot & Hodor!

Groot vs Hodor

Have you ever wanted to see man take on tree?

The Warp Zone has you covered, watch it for free

Via i09, comes a man with giant’s blood

Under Bran’s possession he’ll stomp you into mud

He says only “Hodor,” it’s also his name

But as you’ll see below, he’s also got Game…

of Thrones, that’s what he’s sayin’

In one word or less, you’ll know he ain’t playin’


He’s going against Groot. “I am Groot!”

The Guardian of the Galaxy who always takes root.

In three little words he conveys so much meanin’

He can rip out your lungs before you’re done breathin’

Tree who walks like a man and carries a raccoon

with a big ass gun which can blast you to the moon

It’s the epic rap battle between wood and flesh

And only one sci-fi icon will be declared fresh