Steve McQueen to Get His Own Kick-Ass Biopic

The Great Escape Steve McQueen

No one was cooler than Steve McQueen. If you’ve seen The Magnificent Seven or The Great Escape or Bullitt or any number of the star’s classic films, then you already know all about his super-suave awesomeness. He wasn’t a big-fisted super man beast, but always carried himself with class and pose that we rarely see in action stars of the day.

Deadline announced today that Lake Forest Entertainment is officially working on a Steve McQueen biopic. The movie is rumored to be directed by James Grey (The Immigrant), and promises to be a high-profile release. Some a-list actors are already rumored to be circling to coveted role, including Channing Tatum, Jeremy Renner, and Ryan Gosling (who would be my choice). 


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The biopic will be largely based on a 2010 biography called Steve McQueen: The Life and Legend of a Hollywood Icon by Marshall Terrill, which follows McQueen’s entire life from his childhood, through his death by heart attack (following cancer surgery) at age 50. McQueen was an enigmatic man during his life, so a biopic would not only be an intriguing homage to the Hollywood star, but something of an expose. There are even rumors that McQueen may have taken his own life. What the film will speculate, well, we can only speculate on. 

Whom would you cast to play Steve McQueen? 

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