Head & Shoulders is the UK’s Number One Shampoo


No one likes dandruff. One minute you’re walking down the street with a head full of well-nourished hair, the next you’re left feeling self-conscious and more than a little embarrassed about your once glowing locks. We’ve all been there. It’s certainly not a good look, and it’s one that Head & Shoulders have been combating as the UK’s leading anti-dandruff shampoo brand. However, H&S is not only adept at dealing with dandruff, it’s also asserted itself as the UK’s number one shampoo brand, too.

Head & Shoulders is tirelessly ensuring that the scalps of people nationwide are left free of flakes and ready to take on the day, with them able to relax safe in the knowledge that their hair looks healthier than ever before. However, H&S doesn’t just deliver against dandruff – its brand of shampoo is also head and shoulders (we’re so sorry) above the rest of the competition, being revealed as the UK’s favourite shampoo brand according to Nielsen Shampoo value shares recorded between 2013 and 2014.

Although H&S is known for its quelling of dandruff, it came as a surprise to the British public in the below video that their shampoo has also proven to be dominant in its own right. Available now in collections for all including Classic, Instant Relief & Apple Fresh, be sure to jump on the Head & Shoulders bandwagon, as it’s the flake-free bandwagon that also gives you beautiful hair.

Watch the British public trying to guess what the nation’s favourite shampoo is in the video below: