Canadian Oscar Wins And Performances


Canada left its mark on last night’s Oscar Award gala, including Canadian director Chris Williams, who won for best animated feature for “Big Hero 6,” and musical sisters Tegan and Sara, who performed at the event.

Williams, who is known for his work on animated hits like “Bolt,” Mulan,” and “The Emperor’s New Groove,” hails from Kitchener.  It was his first Oscar win but his second nomination. “It seems even bigger this time,” he told The Canadian Press about his second trip to the Academy Awards. “There are more events, there’s more press, seemingly more coverage this time around than even what I experienced five years ago, which even at the time was pretty overwhelming.”

Meanwhile, Canadian sisters Tegan and Sara performed the track “Everything Is Awesome” with The Lonely Island (from “The Lego Movie”). “I love the idea of like, an 8-year-old going to the movie and some of those kids ending up liking Tegan and Sara,” Tegan recently told Rolling Stone about the track. “But in the end, we didn’t do it to become a bigger band; we did it because we thought the movie was really cool and we just loved the idea of contributing to something that would bring people happiness.”

Photo: Erik Erikson/Tegan and Sara