DC Unveils Six Remaining New Comic Book Series

Earlier today, DC announced its post-Convergence plans to end The New 52 in favor of a renewed focus on story over continuity with a push towards more diversity in their comics.

Towards that goal, almost half of the New 52 comics were either canceled or retooled with a new title or a new creative team. 24 new comics were also added to the lineup, but only two thirds of those titles were revealed this morning.

Robin Son of Batman

Newsarama has announced the remaining six new titles. First up is Robin, Son of Batman, which focuses on Damian Wayne as Robin. Pat Gleason is both the writer and the artist of Robin, Son of Batman, and that cover image suggests that the book might have a more fantasy like tone than the core Batman titles.

Martian Manhunter is also getting his own series by Rob Williams with artists Ben Oliver and Paulo Siqueira; while Earth 2 gets another chance in Daniel H. Wilson and artist Jorge Jimenez’s Earth 2: Society.

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Black Canary

Longtime Birds of Prey star Black Canary is once again headlining her own title by Batgirl writer Brenden Fletcher. The initial report at Newsarama listed Annie Wu as the artist, but Wu has said online that the listing was an error. Steve Orlando and artist ACO are tackling Midnighter for his first DC Universe ongoing series. Midnighter is an openly gay superhero who was once the equivalent of Batman in the Wildstorm universe before The New 52 merged the Wildstorm characters into the DC Universe.


And finally, DC is giving Bat-Mite a monthly comic book by Dan Jurgens and artist Corin Howell. According to DC, Bat-Mite and the previously announced Bizarro and Prez titles will be more “offbeat” and “irreverently funny” than the traditional DC superhero titles.

The new era of DC Comics will begin in June after the conclusion of the Convergence event.