Sony Pictures Co-Chairwoman Steps Down

Sony Pictures Co-Chairwoman Steps Down

Well, that didn’t take long.

Amy Pascal, formerly Co-Chairwoman of Sony Pictures, has stepped down, likely in direct response to the Steve Jobs Biopic email scandal. Vicious communications sent back and forth and then made public by hackers really show that company email is a vulnerable form of communication and it can definitely be used against you.

Don’t do what Pascal did. Try as hard as you can to be amiable, firm, pleasant, and concise in your communications. Oh, and try to conduct them in person or over video calls to avoid miscommunications (which, if you’ve ever been involved in an email chain, can be rampant).

I’m sure life has taught her very thoroughly due to this exposure, and it’ll be a long while before she can recover.

Hat tip to our friends at Cinema Blend for the update on the fallout from the hacking.

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