Deadpool Crashes Marvel’s Original Secret Wars

In the next few months, almost every single Marvel superhero comic will tie into Secret Wars. Deadpool may be dying soon, but even he can’t escape the gravitational pull of a mega-crossover.

Or can he?

Over at Buzzfeed, Marvel has announced Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars, a new miniseries that places Deadpool within the events of the original Secret Wars miniseries from 1984. Cullen Bunn will be writing the miniseries as it follows Deadpool’s zany efforts to keep history on track.

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“I think readers are willing to accept that Deadpool was and always has been part of the original Secret Wars.” explained Bunn. “Because that’s what happened. He was there, and his actions helped shape every major shake-up and revelation from that event!”

The original Secret Wars was a groundbreaking comic event for its time, that introduced Spider-Man’s alien black costume, put She-Hulk on the Fantastic Four and left The Thing temporarily able to transform into his human self as long as he was on Battleworld. Presumably, Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars will place the title character into those iconic occurrences against the backdrop of a war with the supervillain army led by Doctor Doom.

The artist for Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars was not included in the announcement, but the miniseries is expected to launch in May.


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