Exclusive Preview: Earth 2 # 31

This world is finished.

Thanks to Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips, Earth 2 stands on the brink of destruction. Fighting can only delay the inevitable. The only left to do is escape the planet via The Atom’s Haven.

But what if more could be done? What if there was a hero who actually had the power to challenge Apokolips and take the war back to Darkseid?

In this exclusive preview for Earth 2 # 31, the current Doctor Fate, Khalid Ben-Hassin is tempted by the spirit of Nabu to channel more power than ever before. But it remains to be seen if going after Darkseid is a good idea even with the power boost.

Meanwhile, the Queen of Atlantis, Marella deals with her army of the dead…

Writers Daniel Wilson, Marguerite Bennett & Mike Johnson team up with artists Andy Smith and Cliff Richards for Earth 2 # 31, which will be out in comic stores this Wednesday, February 4.


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