Top 10 YouTube Dunks By Non-Athletes

The world has come to expect rim-shattering dunks from the best talent in the basketball world but the shock value goes to a whole other level when you see a non-athlete reach the stratosphere.

These are the videos of the best of the …well, NON-athletes.

Technically speaking, Zeke is not human. He’s a dog, so I believe he fits the label of a non-athlete — he still has awesome ball handling skills and can catch an alley-oop pass and dunk it.

He’s just too adorable not to mention. He’s the real life version of Air Bud.

Every kids dream! … Fisher Price or not, this is a real slam dunk contest.

Scott Howard was just a puny little guy with very little skill on the basketball court — until he morphed into ‘The Wolf’ and became a beast.

Sure, Teen Wolf may be in the fictional world of cinema but how often do you see a werewolf drop a Reverse Slam Dunk and a Tomahawk Jam on someone? Never. No one in that movie seemed to care that a wolf was playing basketball and dunking on everyone. It was totally normal, which is why it makes the list.

There isn’t a non-athlete in this universe who hasn’t fantasized about getting the opportunity to pull off this move in a pick-up game and finally touch the rim.

After multiple fans embarrass themselves at not being able to reach the rim during a dunk contest at a Wizards game, one man answers the challenge…and his cell phone.

Eddie, talking to his date in the stands, took the challenge and left fans in awe as he raced down the court with the ball in his left hand and the phone in his right before flipping and dunking it. Staged or not, it was entertaining nonetheless.

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At nearly 40 years old, Kadour Ziani still has major hops. For a regular guy to be able to dunk at almost 40 years old is rather impressive. You know what is even more impressive? When you’re almost 40 years old and can dunk barefooted.

Spider-Man apparently likes to showcase his dunking abilities when he’s not fighting crime or yearning for the affection of Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy. There is not a single dunk that Spidey cannot pull off. In fact, I think this one could beat the best dunkers in the world.

Unless Aquaman has a basketball goal, I’m almost certain that no one has perfected the art of acrobatic dunks while jumping off a diving board quite like these folks.

This group is the Cirque du Soleil of basketball. There are no proper words that could adequately describe the astonishing abilities they possess. This is 100 percent pure entertainment!

These trick shot artists and dunk specialists stand alone atop the mountain when it comes to the dunking of ordinary men. These guys have perfected a plethora of dunks; it’s impossible to narrow it down to just one.

Are these the dunks of mere mortals? Decide for yourself.

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