Watch Conan O’Brien & Archer Team Up Against The Russian Mob

After five seasons on FX’s spy comedy “Archer,” and a new season currently underway, there’s no reason why Sterling Archer isn’t frequenting the late night talk show circuit… except for the fact that he’s a cartoon character. And thus, you know… not real.

But when has that ever stopped Conan O’Brien from booking a guest?

In a recent episode of “Conan,” O’Brien appeared as himself in an animated sequence with Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) as they tangle with the Russian mob and the perils of Tindr. But it’s Conan himself who might get them both killed…

You can watch the entire video below!

“Archer” Season 6 is currently running on FX on Thursday nights. “Conan” airs late nights on TBS.


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