Hakeem Olajuwon Says Michael Jordan Was ‘Far Superior’ To LeBron James


LeBron has no problem with the title “King James”, but it seems other NBA players might.

Former Houston Rockets star Hakeem Olajuwon says, when it comes right down to it, Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan was not only better, but “far superior” to LeBron James. He also made a point of saying it is “not a fair comparison” and that Jordan was a “far more superior player in a very tough league.”

I don’t know about you, but I might side with Olajuwon on this one, considering the Cavs’ 20-20 record so far in this season. Also, Hakeem has a point when he mentioned the league that Jordan was part of. The best players (of all-time, arguably) came out of the era MJ helped define.

Do you think someone like LeBron James has the potential to reach the heights that Jordan soared to?

Thanks to NESN for this story.