The Xbox One Falls to $349…Again


Alright, so…let’s see here:

Microsoft launched the Xbox One at $499 bundled with Kinect. Backlash at the forced inclusion of a camera “motivated” them to launch a SKU without the Kinect system bundled in. That launched at $399. Many smiles and high-fives were then exchanged.

Then…Holiday season 2014 rolled around, and a temporary price cut down to $349 was announced. Temporary? Alright, fine. Fifty bucks off helped a little bit in terms of Christmas shopping.

After the Holidays, the price reset to $399. 

BUT WAIT! There’s more: Major Nelson proclaimed that another “promotion” is happening, starting today; it’s another temporary price drop to $349.

What in the world is happening, here? Is this a soak test for a permanent price drop? Is this one gonna stick? Hopefully. Stop messing with my feelings, Microsoft!

Hat tip to Crave’s Game Revolution for sharing this news.