Trevor Booker Sinks Impossible Granny Shot At Buzzer

Utah Jazz v Atlanta Hawks

The Utah Jazz fell to the OKC Thunder 99-94 Friday night, but no one can blame forward Trevor Booker for not giving it everything he got.

The fourth year player out of Clemson added to his meager 7.6 PPG after making a shot never seen before in an actual NBA game. The web is calling it the ‘circus shot of the year.’

With the Jazz inbounding the ball from the sideline of their own basket and just .2 seconds left on the shot clock during the first half of Friday’s game, Booker receives the inbound pass, only to flip the ball up off his hands — without ever grabbing onto the basketball — and directly into the hoop from about 15 feet off the the baseline.

How incredible is this shot? With the exception of the rare tip-in, at least .3 seconds must be left on the clock to give a player enough time to even attempt a shot.

I guess now we know that .2 seconds allows not just a tip in, but a granny-shot flip-up!

This video has received hundreds of thousands of views in just a matter of hours.

Booker finished with 8 points in 21 minutes.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports

Photo Credit: Getty