Exclusive: ‘Archer Vice’ Hangover Cures

Archer Vice

Next week, Archer The Complete Season Five hits Blu-ray and DVD with the 13 episode long storyline “Archer Vice.” While the first four seasons of FX’s animated comedy focused on Sterling Archer and his ISIS teammates as spies, “Archer Vice” turned the characters into an inept drug cartel. It also happened to make this CraveOnline’s list of The 10 Best TV Comedies of 2014.

For the special features, Cheryl’s country singer alter ego, Cherlene takes the spotlight in a “Midnight Blues” music video and an interview on Wake Up Country. Meanwhile, Pam headlines Old MacDonald Pam Poovey Had a Farm, The Musical.

You can preorder Archer The Complete Season Five through Amazon before its’ release on January 6. But first, CraveOnline is proud to present a few exclusive hangover cures from the cast of “Archer.” First up, Cyril (with the only cure that sounds like it might work), Pam, Cheryl/Cherlene and Krieger.




Hangover-Cures-Krieger Revised

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