Best of 2014: 21 Actors Who Amazed Us

Best Actors of 2014 21 Actors Who Amazed Us Best of 2014 Eva Green Emily Blunt JK Simmons 300 Rise of an Empire Whiplash Edge of Tomorrow


Every year film critics single out the best and worst movies released over the last 365 days, and highlight the best performances as well. And while there were a lot of great actors playing at the top of their game in 2014, CraveOnline wanted to go in a slightly different direction this year. These aren’t just the best actors of 2014, these are the actors who blew our freaking minds.


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Whether they were in great movies or bad movies, these actors and actresses completely outdid themselves. Maybe we never knew they were incredible before, maybe they just raised the bar in an already impressive career. But either way, we’ll never look at them the same way again. These actors are destined for greatness – at least, we sure hope they are – and these are the films that seem likely to get them there. When we think of these actors from now on, these are the films we’ll think about.

So join us, won’t you? Let’s celebrate the actors and actresses who absolutely impressed us in 2014.


The 21 Actors Who Amazed Us in 2014:


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