HBO Canada Announces Original Series Sports On Fire

Untold perspectives from moments when history and sports collide are revealed in the new docu-series “Sports On Fire,” from Movie Central and The Movie Network and debuting on HBO Canada on January 9th.

Each episode of “Sports On Fire” brings a fresh angle and new insight into iconic moments in sport, through interviews and archival footage presented in a rapid-paced, hard-hitting style.

“In our new series ‘Sports On Fire,’ director Pete McCormack uses his sophisticated lens to get a different perspective on pivotal and controversial moments in history that we all thought we knew, through exclusive interviews with athletes and coaches,” said Maria Hale, Vice President and Head of Content Distribution & Pay TV at Corus Entertainment, in a press release. “The series is sure to resonate with our audience as it opens up a window into events that have shaped sports culture and beyond, told in a way that can only be done on HBO Canada.”

“What makes this series unique is its ability to uncover rare insight from experts, family members, and most importantly from the athletes who lived these monumental experiences,” said Tracey Pearce, Senior Vice-President of Specialty and Pay at Bell Media. “Whether viewers are sports lovers, history buffs, or a fans of documentary film, ‘Sports On Fire’ is compelling, must-watch television”.

Directed and created by Pete McCormack (“Facing Ali,” “I Am Bruce Lee”), “Sports On Fire” digs deep into moments where some of the world’s greatest athletes are caught up in monumental events that change the course of history. These powerful stories are told from the point of view of elite athletes, key witnesses, experts, and historians including, nine-time gold-medalist and Olympic legend Mark Spitz, Daytona 500 winner Ryan Newman, gold-medalist and Lance Armstrong teammate Tyler Hamilton, and four-time Super Bowl champion Bill Romanowski.

In the series premiere, “Sports On Fire” gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the 1972 Summit Series, played at the height of the Cold War, as remembered by journalists, Russian historians, and three unforgettable hockey legends. Canadian greats Paul Henderson, Bobby Clarke, and Ken Dryden reflect on the Series, questioning the boundaries and the potential glory of the win-at-any-cost mentality that ultimately led to a stunning victory in Moscow.

“Sports On Fire” debuts on Friday, January 9th at 9pm on HBO Canada.

Photo: Sports On Fire/HBO Canada