Art Basel: Blank Canvas LA Makes Mural Magic in Miami

As CraveOnline‘s ever-expanding immersion in the arts world continues, we are proud to partner with Blank Canvas LA for an exclusive production this week at Art Basel in Miami, the world’s premier international art show for modern and contemporary works. 

Blank Canvas LA, the interior/exterior artist collective led by renowned Creative Director Robert “Dytch66” Gomez, conduct their paint designs in different cities around the world and immerse themselves in a kaleidoscope of local cultures, which is reflected in the work. Learn more about the collective’s efforts here.

Blank Canvas are seizing the opportunity at Art Basel this week with murals, workshops, live events, fine art canvases and more. Fans will go behind the scenes as Dytch66 brings his “Dali-esque” graffiti to the walls of Art Basel 2014, alongside Dcypher, Tewsr, Ras, Raptuz, Binho and more. 

“CraveOnline is offering its audience unique insight into the passion and precision that goes into a piece of street art,” said Dytch66. “I get a feel for every city that I visit, and like to give something artistically back before I leave.  Art Basel 2014 is going to provide crazy energy, I’m excited about translating that energy into art.”

There’s a time-traveler theme to the collective’s mural project at Art Basel, and Dytch explains that the design is “a take on our lives in the style of a science-fiction scene, revolving around the idea of time travel. The characters we created have certain elements that represent us as artists and the things we’ve picked up along our  journeys, as well as what we’ve kept with us growing up in our own culture.”

Blank Canvas LA’s collaboration with CraveOnline furthers its work in pushing the boundaries of street art juxtaposed to traditional art forms, and to incorporate art into community living spaces. Check back throughout this week and next as we bring you full Art Basel coverage and content in our Lifestyle section


Photos: Kevin Muir