19 Films That Deserve More Oscar Buzz

19 Movies That Deserve More Oscar Buzz


Awards season is officially underway, and the Oscar pundits have already started going crazy with their predictions. But since there’s still a whole month to go, several upcoming contenders (like Selma and Unbroken) seem to be drawing all their attention, whether or not they end up to deserving it. That means a lot of great films are already being ignored. It certainly seems as though – once again – not enough Oscar buzz is being lobbed at the many exceptional motion pictures that had the grievous misfortunate to come out earlier in the year.

CraveOnline to the rescue: we’ve seen hundreds of motion pictures this year and we’ve narrowed down the dark horses to nineteen films, all of which deserve a lot more Oscar buzz than they’re currently getting. They can’t all make it into contention, but if we can help raise awareness of these damn fine films that seem like Oscar long shots, maybe – just maybe – some of them will have a chance of ending up on the ballot.


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Some of these movies seemed like serious contenders when they came out, only to be lost in the tidal wave of Oscar bait near the end of the year. Some films were unfairly maligned and deserve a second look by discerning Academy members. Others may seem like strange choices, but they feature career-best work from the talent involved. 

But whatever their origins, they all deserve a lot more Oscar buzz. So let’s get that started with these, the 19 Films That Deserve More Oscar Buzz.


19 Films That Deserve More Oscar Buzz:


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